Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The game is afoot

If my plan has worked, then you have reached this blog because of a comment I left on your blog or website. Welcome. My name is Warren Jedden. I just recently completed my studies in Public Health, and, if you are against science-based medicine, vaccines, or just simply promote lies and myths, then I am your worst annoyance.

Wait! Wait! Don't leave yet. Read on.

Great. Glad you stayed. I'm not your typical skeptic, you see. I don't go all nutty on you. I just take your statements and deconstruct them, analyzing them for the specks of truth and getting rid of the lies. For example, when you say that mercury in vaccines cause autism, I'll take your statement and point to the hundreds of studies that have failed to find an association. They all can't be wrong, can they? At the same time, I'll remind you that parents with autistic children need honest answers, not answers based on inferences and anecdotes. Perhaps most important is the fact that those children need vaccines to stay healthy.

I'm glad we had this discussion. You are free to leave comments below. I won't censor you like "Age of Autism" does. I won't sue you for speaking your mind like others do. I'll be honest, and I'll even try to be respectful. "Try" being the operative word.

So, antivaccine lunatics, homeopaths, reiki practitioners, and NDs who think you're actually physicians, let's dance you and I.

p.s. Yes, I brought you here under false pretenses, but it's no worse than what you do on your sites.